The Inspirational Life of Bishop Apostle Seth K. Frimpong

A lot of people get inspiration from the life of successful people and as Humans, we must live a life that many people can learn or follow our foot steps. Success is not just automatic, you must position yourself in the direction of God’s way before such success can come to pass. There is a saying that says “you cannot direct where the wind should go, but you can align yourself in its direction”.

Below is a successful profile of Bishop Apostle Seth K. Frimpong who was just a presiding elder but now a Bishop. Just take your time and go through his profile. Bishop Apostle Seth K. Frimpong position himself in the direction of God and now he has become who God says He is.

Bishop Apostle Seth K. Frimpong was born in Akyim Oda Manso in the eastern region to elder Paul and Mrs Esther Frimpong. He was born in Church of Pentecost

He did his second cycle education at Akwatia secondary school and later went to national youth council ( NYC) takorase where he was the school chaplain. He became presiding Deacon in Pentecost in Akim Oda Macedonia assembly for 2yrs.


He relocated to Kumasi and served passionately and so was ordained as elder. In 2004, he started as a presiding elder at Pentecost kodie district and then after two years he moved to preside penteng local and also spent 2yrs.  He then later returned to kodie central assembly due to his hard work. He was given the moniker mobile presiding elder

He was later made prayer leader in Suame district and transferred to preside aduman between 2010 to 2012. In 2011 he obtained diploma in theology at Christ restoration Church theological institute

In 2013, the voice of the Lord came to him to start his own ministry, So he started his ministry in a classroom. In 2014, the Church was registered and recognized by government as divine impartation ministry. Early this year January 29th 2017. He was elected as Bishop

He is married to Mrs Rose Frimpong with 4 children. The Church is located in Kumasi kronum afrancho, unity oil.



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