Whom are you busy for?

Why did you seek me? Did you not know that I must be about my Father’s business??

This was a quote from Jesus Christ at the age of 12 when He got missing and His parents found Him. He told His parent that they shouldn’t even border to know His where about because there was a mission He had to accomplish and that mission must start right at that early age.

My brother, my sister, What business are you also after? Is it for self or for God?? Many seems to be too busy these days, but the question is, is it a business aiming at your own interest or a business aiming at the interest of God’s Kingdom??.


Beloved, Let us not forget that after all our tolling and busyness on earth, one day we shall leave everything behind and meet our maker, what kind of answer are we going to provide?? Peter said, if all the earth and everything in it we see will be dissolved with fervent heat, what manner of person do we ought to be?

Many young guys and girls are busy trying to find ways and means to make life so easy and to make quick money, neglecting and overlooking the business of God. The Bible tells us that we should seek first the Kingdom of God and everything shall be added unto us.

For the silver and gold we are after belongs to our God and if we diligently and faithfully seek after Him, He will release it for us without struggling for it. If there is anything that we should be busy for, it must be the business of God and nothing else



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