By the mighty hand of Jehovah we wake up alive and nothing can cease us from doing what the Lord has commanded, simply haters are worried. I prophecy about bountiful of rain to shower on dry season that’s last previous days (19/11/2016) and since then we had being having rain up to today, what if it rain up to (January 2017).

Knowledge and wisdom I impact is not from my own will but from the father who sent me and let me brief out this maybe you might not know, I was being prophecy before I was born to this world so whatever evil you do against me your reward is awaiting. Maybe you have thought of becoming like me or getting closer to me, first you must learn how to steady my life,  movement and my societal living before you draw near and truly I speak to you that you cannot come closer unless the Heavenly Father Himself draw you near. I know you won’t understand my words because of the spirit that dwells in me.

Is my spirit not from God, then how do I command great things in the mighty name of YAHWEH and the blood of the holy lamb of the Messiah JESUS CHRIST and it came to pass. I have the spirit from God (creator of the universe) and the Messiah is always on my side so I fear nothing, power and authority has been given to me to curse any mortal mortal man to death and I tell you by the mighty strength of Jehovah it will never fail so you continue creating fantasies and mockeries as “Prophet Tisbini Elia” commanded fire to devour the the messengers of King Ahasia so I shall curse and it will never fail.

My work is to preach the good message to those who are ready not the comedians and truly in other to fulfill the prophecy of Prophet Amos (Amos 8:11-12), a time will come that this evil generation of ours will search for teachers to preach the good news to them yet they will find no one and there they will recognize they have to accept the messages been preached to them daily, but there is a proverbial which says “Had I Know” is always at last.

I am me “Prophet Tisbini Imanuel ” and who are you, are you also a talisman or man of God? I know all those who blaspheme my name and my works yet I am not responding to their actions because they are not part of my works on this evil world, the work is to win souls here but not to destroy so watch your tongue well for whatever you say on this earth has a reward awaiting, and I wish you could know this also the world itself is not just mere as mortal men sees but very strange indeed.

I have the power to destroy but that is not the dreams on this earth but the mission is to win souls to the kingdom of heaven and only few people will understand and know me and those who may believe in me shall be saved. Blessed are you who humble and listen to my voice for I carried the message from our Lord God Jehovah and those who may be believe my words shall be saved Amen.





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