Kofi King Selasie – Don’t Gain The World And Lose Your Soul, Your Soul Is Valuable Than Silver Or Gold.

Sometimes the physical needed in life also support good living and make life run normal for servants to accomplished the task of Jehovah peacefully and successfully, over here most of the servants whom the Lord has called find difficulties in life and begin to divert their ways because of hardship in life.

A person who carried only the ministry out or campaign for the kingdom of God hardly sometimes sustain a comfortable living in life and that is where they begin to divert their ways due to lost of faith. In my consolation words to the servants, there may be hard and good times during your campaigning hour but just accept the fall and rise in the kingdom campaigning work and that makes you a real servant. Seeking for alternative way to settle in life is also another problem to face in the judgement day and your labor itself be in vain.

It could clearly be seen that the Lord gave riches to some people to help His workers but this is where most of the rich men today do not like to promote the work of God but go extra far to spend for unnecessary and after they are being spiritually attacked, hence they seek for deep spiritualist for help and that is where the false prophets begun to gain success in life.

They only want to hear big prophecies, miracles, signs and wonders for huge sums of money and for that they will hurriedly pay and respond to everything they may be asked to settle life well back again. The true servant who always preach the good news to them they say to him go with peace but as for the false prophets they pay huge sums of money before their presence, and how possible can you say to your brother “go with peace, be well and enjoy” while you did not give out the physical needs, that’s funny, can your peace and faith alone save that fellow?

The necessary requirement and ingredients in life support the Lord’s servant for better living to run his daily activities peaceful and normal. NB: Wherever there is peace, there is no division of mind so help the neediest or the workers of Jehovah to fight for the holy throne and remember too every work of man shall be accounted on that merciless day. Wake up mortal man and spend on what you understand (blessing), not what will benefit you alone (perishing), carefully look before you act toward for the Lord is watching our steps Amen. (James 2 :14-17)lion-of-judah



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