Kofi King Selasie- Hypocrisy Kills Good Projects.

Sometimes I wonder how some people refuse to accept what they have but instead fight against. The rational behind your bad thinking will never lead you to your desire destination all because you hate to see one climbing.

How can you succeed when you hate to see one’s welfare, accept the fact to push your brother when he is climbing than supporting whom you don’t know, hating your brother even drag your goals backward and it is a real fact in life when you plot bad mind against people.

All those who wish you well in your life journey sometimes become your backbiters and they are those whom should carefully observe well. They act very loving before you but inwardly they are hypocrites, try to know them well for they are even more fearful than ghost and because of hypocrisy they always stay in one class in life.

I wish you could wish the one who is climbing well than hating what you don’t understand for who knows tomorrow may be your turn, I always pray for those who is ahead of me and wish them success in their life journey. A man’s habitat will fail him if he did not change and know how to respond to every one.

I am a Rasta man and I don’t accept hypocrisy, I only accept immaculated hearts with good minded people because of the Holy Trinity spirit I have within me, the spirit of God is loving so why should I or you hate and same time called ourselves children of Jehovah.

Always think good and wish well for the Lord is never asleep, with positive mind and prayers your star will also shine just one day. In this world each and every one is destined and your destiny is in your own hands it requires sometime to let your dream come through so relax, take time and pray, your perfect time is just at the corner tip only you have to stay focus. God is king and above everything fear him, He is able to do so trust in Him alone and your labor will never be in vain Amen (Matthew 19:26).




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