Kofi King Selasie- Do Good To The Orphanage Homes.

How well could it be when those who has been blessed with riches could turn their face to the orphanage homes on this coming December to offer some gift. Sometimes this poor people need much attention than any other and I think it is time to show some love to the neediest.

Over here, most of the rich men rely on their money and refuse to help anyone, that is what the Lord will send you to judgement because the money has been given to you to help the meek and poverty homes. We eat and filled up our belly but forgetting we have people with no bread to dine. Doze not mortal man for a time will come you shall be no more and you will be judge according to your riches and it works, don’t forget also whatever you sow today, you shall harvest it fruits tomorrow either good or bad so watch well before you step in thank you (Matthew 19:16-24) Amen.gift-to-orphans



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