Someone Close to you need your help

He who has pity on the poor lends to the LORD, and He will pay back what he has given. Proverbs 19:17

Throughout the whole day, I have been listening to OJ’s New track “Onipa his mmoa”. Which means people need help. The track sound very emotional. Its really a heart touching track.

Beloved, what i have come to realized is that no matter the level you are in life, you are higher or ahead of someone. It doesn’t matter how the matter is, someone close to you need your help. Do you know your GHc2 can save someone’s life??

Close up of woman crying

If you have any help, help him whiles he is alive. Don’t wait till something happen to him or he die before you come and say all sort of sweet words.

I sometime can’t think far, when people says they love you especially some Christians. They have labeled themselves with Christianity title but their heart are far away from the real teachings of Christianity.

Don’t wait when am no more that you come and say oh Frank, he was this and that. If there is any help, help me. Because the dead cannot hear anything.

God has planted each and everyone somewhere to be a help to someone. I believe the five figures we have are not the same, but each of it is a help to one another, so you are. Don’t be selfish thinking that it is your own strength that has fetched you that.

You don’t have to be fully rich or okay in life before you help someone. Do it with the little that God has given you and in as much as you do that, the God of Heaven will lift you up higher and higher. Because He sees your good work.




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