Meaning of Bible:

(Basic Instructions Before Living on Earth)

The entire world is created by a certain book and it is been witnessed by our forefathers as a book from the almighty God who created heaven and earth i.e BIBLE. The book itself testify as words from the father and the book also describe as the Messiah who came and died for our sins.

Everything in the world was been created by the word and it clearly show us that through Jesus Christ everything was done

(John 1:1-4).

The word became flesh as human like we and came to world to preach about the kingdom of Jehovah and He was been witnessed as the only son of God. This same Jesus Christ is today ready to welcome those who are ready to serve the holy father YAHWEH of host and that soul will become a new creation. The father did not want to destroy anyone but want everyone to seek repentance before death.

Every soul tilling on earth today is to know the truth and the mysteries about Jehovah in other to walk out from sins to be perfect before God. This is to be done because Satan himself do not sleep nor dozen and always want our downfall to separate us from the father. Always pray, seek forgiveness and ask from the father power to worship him for who knows He may consider us in the judgement day (Zephaniah 2:1-3).

As the Messiah on His way coming let us also prepare well to meet Him on that merciless day than doing what pleases our own eyes for our own righteousness will lead us to destruction so please stay awake and sleep not Amen.

(Revelation 21:5-8)



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