Evangelist Immanuel Writes-BLIND PEOPLE IN THE WORLD

Why do people both servants of Jehovah and worldly children now wailing wherever they are about politics, do the Father require our political status to judge us in that merciless day? This kingdom is not from above and all their rules in governing are far different from what Heaven gave us.

We are all blind that is why we follow kingdoms which requires sacrifice as the scripture says “Satan the god of this evil world has cause some people blind that they may not see the truth and believe it” 2corihthians 4:3-4. The truth has been revealed to those seek for it, message from above says “those political kingdoms seek for their own glory but not what the Lord has commanded us to do, they seek for their own righteousness not the will of the Father.


Why do we have to offer sacrifice to idols to win a seat? And do you also believe that this political kingdoms have their god, and it is again written in the Law of YAHWEH that “do not have any other God apart from me” get it clear here, we have God who created everything in the world, we human beings and even satan himself that God created him, we also have the god of politics which uses demonic powers to win elections so which of them are you following now.

This prove it clearly that the servants of Jehovah today are all on the wrong path because of false doctrine. Everything created by man in this world is biblically understood as mammon (glory not from God) and the bible tell us clearly that you cannot serve God and mammon so why do we children of God also engage ourselves in political activities, that is a great deceiving (Matthew 6:24) let us find the truth today as the truth is hidden and only those who want to reign with Jesus Christ forever find it. The scirpture differentiate between the children of God and the worldly ones, the gate is two (2), one is wide and easy to pass through it, there are many people on it and that road lead to destruction.

The other gate is also wide but hard and difficult to pass through it, as it is very hard to pass through only few people are on it, that way lead to salvation (Matthew 7:13-15). Beware of those false teachers and prophets who rise and teach you daily and not the truth but the false doctrine, for in no more time the true judge (Jesus Christ) will account every work of man and not all those who hallowed His name shall be saved so search for the light now. In Biblically, Wisdom from above and Sense from God, politic has nothing to do with the children of Jehovah.



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