Should Christians involve in Active Politics?


Christian involvement in politics has been a much-debated subject at the

center of Christian discourse for centuries. Many believers are taught that

Christians should not seek engagement in the political realm because “faith

And politics do not mix.”


There is validity to the caution many Christians have voiced on this topic.

Some believers entering the political arena have become so politically focused

That they have compromised teachings that are fundamental to the Christian

Faith. Others have made the mistake of resting all their hope on politicians and

Government at the expense of morality and godly living.

The reality is that hope for change cannot be found in any country’s ruling class, but ultimately

in Jesus Christ.


As valid as these claims may be, it is a mistake for Christians to completely

Isolate themselves from the realm of politics. When the people of God do not

Take it upon them to vote or run for office, they carelessly leave the fate

of future generations in the hands of wicked and immoral men. By abstaining

From the public square, Christians are compromising on one of the most

Fundamental teachings of the Christian faith: “You shall love your neighbor as

Yourself” (Mark 12:31).


Scripture’s two greatest commandments – to first love God and then to love

our neighbors as we love ourselves – are clear mandates for cultural and

political engagement. My love for my neighbor is grounded in my love for

God; because I love my neighbor, I must protect his inalienable rights and

freedoms. But to understand how one’s political engagement is related to one’s

love for his neighbor, the full scope of that Great Commandment must be

understood. That is precisely what a biblical “lawyer” was inquiring about

when he asked Jesus, “Who is my neighbor?” The parable of the Good

Samaritan is Jesus’ response to that question (Luke 10:25-37).



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