DCOP Kofi Boakye Angrily Calls Obinim A Liar After The Preacher Said He Begged Him To Be His Spiritual Father

I’ve now realised who Bishop Obinim is most similar to in the world- Donald Trump. They can both lie as much as they want and not worry about repercussions because they know their followers simply do not care.

Bishop Obinim’s feud with the Rev Sam Korankye Ankrah has spilled over and admitted one of the country’s top police chiefs into it.


The two preachers have been going at each other in recent days. After Korankye Ankrah called Obinim’s antics as ‘unChristian, unbiblical and magic; the animal-transforming pastor mentioned the name of Ashanti Regional Police Commander DCOP Kofi Boakye as one of his followers; which somehow is supposed to show that he should be immune from criticism.

But in a stern rebuttal in an interview with Ghanaweb, Kofi Boakye denies any ties to Obinim.

“Bishop Obinim is peddling falsehood. I have never been to his church before, so he should stop deceiving people and mind his business,” he said.

According to him, he only met the preacher once; and that was in a professional capacity when he invited some pastors and opinion leaders for a meeting.

“It was during these individual meetings I held with them that I first met Obinim, so for him to run his mouth and tell the world that I personally begged him to pray for me is a palpable untruth.

“I wantto state categorically that I don’t have a spiritual father and I don’t need one, and I have never been to Obinim’s church before,” he added.

Obinim had earlier, in an apparent response to Korankye Ankrah, said that Kofi Boakye was begging him to be his spiritual father.

“If Kofi Boakye and Ampah-Bennin who are future IGPs begged me to make them my spiritual sons and protect them from any evil, then who are you to insult me,” the bishop reportedly said.



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