“Feast of Royals” @ Nantoma Presby Church, Kanda

The Nantoma branch of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Kanda in the greater Accra region last week Sunday had their annual dinner feats dubbed “Feast of Royals” at their Nantoma Memorial grounds located at Kanda Ring road central.

“Feats of the Royals” is an annual get together dinner organized to cause a bond between church members as they dine and interact with each other.

Speaking to one of our representative Patrick Duah, who is a member of the Church, also stated that, Feast of Royals has always been an event not just having dinner but also getting in touch and interacting with people ranging from the Elders to the teens in the church and sharing of ideas together as well.

The program was attended by all the members of the church as well as friends and loves who were not even members of the Nantoma Presby Memorial church. There were a lot of excitements during the event because the people enjoyed delicious dishes that was prepare by the church. We hope to see another Feats of Royal next year.

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Reported By: Patrick Duah (Christian Diary Online, Representative@Nantoma Presby Church, Kanda